Welcome to SW Merit Association

Welcome to SW Merit Association

Welcome to SW Merit AssociationWelcome to SW Merit AssociationWelcome to SW Merit Association

About Us

MERIT is a network of business leaders that are opportunistic about improving the competitive landscape for small to medium sized manufacturers and industrial businesses through collective learning, advocacy, and association. 

What does that mean?

Identify and engage business leaders that are facing similar challenges.

Promote the importance and relevancy of manufacturing and industrial business at local levels - cities, schools, local agencies, etc. - to ensure skill sets are developed for the ever-changing needs in these types of businesses.

Provide learning opportunities, and connect resources, that are pertinent to manufacturers and industrial businesses.

Leverage influence with national associations and engage in strategic alliances to impact change.

Monitor legislative changes at various levels, with national support groups.

Provide a forum for business leaders to share insights, challenges, opportunities with like-minded individuals.

Leading Members