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Now more than ever, SW Merit can make a difference for manufacturers. The investment in membership dues delivers value through advocacy, workforce development, and networking. 

  • Representation: Monitor and influence the activities of our local and State agencies for productive changes in ordinances, regulations and utility rates.
  • Educational Opportunities: Workshops, seminars, and plant tours will provide an opportunity to expand technical expertise and share best practices.
  • Networking: Events will be designed to foster meaningful networking of our membership.
  • Issue Awareness: Review various media sources to keep members advised of rules and regulations that affect industry.
  • Problem Solving: Various committees will be established to give members a means of addressing pressing  issues such as workforce development, energy management, and sustainability.

Membership Fees


 Membership is composed of manufacturers, (Manufacturing Member), as well as those who provide a product or service for manufacturing (Affiliate Member). 


Annual Dues

1-10  Employees  $200/year

11-50        $250/year

51-150      $325/year

151-300    $400/year

301-400    $500/year

401+          $750/year 

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